Friday 18 March 2011


Dear Guests

I cannot believe that March has arrived already. I have been a bit lazy with the blog recently as the farm has been busy - cows have been calving and sheep lambing and I have been up during the night a lot, ensuring that everyone is alright.

We have received our first couple of campers at the campsite. It was quite exciting to find that Radio Cumbria wanted to interview one of the visitors to discuss the comparison between camping and yurts. Of course my visitor, who posesses true outdoor spirit, was able to share a view that hill camping is truely enjoyable and fun at this time of year as long as you have good quality clothing and camping equipment (and I am sure a sense of humour helps!).

We have also had a number of visitors who have been complimentary about the afternoon teas consisting of homemade scones and cakes they have enjoyed. One little boy (a huge tractor fan), who visited with this parents, sat and quietly enjoyed a number of chocolate cakes and not single crumb was to be found on his plate and his fingers were licked completely clean (which is always a good sign).

There are some beautiful walks around Abbot Park, so don't forget to call in next time you fancy a long walk followed by a non-guilty pleasure of cakes. Unfortunately, I don't get much time for the walking but I enjoy the cakes anyway.

Hope to see you soon.

Carole (Mrs Kipling)