Sunday 30 September 2012

September Diary

Dear Guests

I hope you are all well, at least better than the weather.

It has been a disappointing few months due to the weather; we have had very few sunny days this year.  However, I would like to pass on a big “thank you” to all the guests who have returned to camp with us again, especially the Johnson family who have been every year since we opened.  This year was our 3rd year and I love to see the Johnson’s on their unicycles and this year they had improved tremendously.

At the end of August we welcomed Ruth and her husband and daughter who had camped with us and it was an honour when she brought her parents back to celebrate their Ruby wedding with afternoon tea in the tea room – we had a lovely time.

I am really grateful to everybody for looking after the camping field and leaving it nice for the next campers and helping us to keep our campsite ‘special’ for all to experience. 

News on the camping barn - well progress is a bit slow due to all the bad weather but the foundations are in and the block work has started progressing.  As soon as I know of a completion date, photos will be published on the web site.  

Well, I know it’s early but today I have started to think about making my Christmas cakes – I cannot believe it is October tomorrow!

Best wishes