Sunday 17 January 2010

Dear Guests


This month on the farm we are currently working hard to bring the farm schedule back into line following the heavy snow and icy spells which have hindered farming activities following the festive season.

In January the key activities are:

Ensuring the cows and sheep are fed well (due to the cold weather they rely on extra feed)

Feeding the hens, ducks and dogs

Fluke and worming the sheep and sorting as some are due to lamb next month (February)

Four cows are due to calve next month (February)

Muck spreading

Hedging (maintaining the hedgerows)

We are looking forward to the Spring and warmer weather, which is kinder to the animals.

Look out for next month's update, complete with pictures.

Best wishes

Carole Dickinson
Abbot Park Tearoom and Campsite

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