Sunday 13 June 2010


Dear Guests

We have had a lovely month so far, we have had some lovely sunny days but unfortunately the ground is in need of some rain. Due to the dry conditions we have not been able to begin our first crop of silage, so we will be later than usual.

We have welcomed more guests to the campsite during the month and it was lovely to see all the children taking an interest in the hens, geese and ducks. We currently have a hen sat on some duck eggs (poor thing appears to be mixed up!) so we are keeping our fingers crossed that we have some ducklings hatching very soon.

Jobs on the farm are continuing and sheep shearing is just around the corner.

We have more lovely photographs, taken by our regular visitor to the campsite, to enjoy (who needs the Country File calendar!!!).

Hope you will visit us soon whilst the weather is nice - the forthcoming week is predicting more warm weather.

Best regards


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