Friday 2 September 2011


Dear Guests

August has come and gone and I did promise Mr Potts that I would mention him in my August blog - Mr Potts was walking the Furness Way. I have lived here all my life and did not know about it, but seemingly it runs near the campsite and Mr Potts did a de-tour from Stock Farm (of about 1/2 mile) to camp the night before heading for Coniston. I hope the rest of your journey went well Mr Potts and I hope to see you again.

I have met a lot of very interesting people during the last month and was really pleased to see a lot of people returning, and hearing that the children are asking if they can come back to the farm. Ellie sent me a lovely photo of her with the hens and two lovely little boys (Flyn and Aaron) who returned this week gave me a picture they had coloured in of goats (the two goats we have are a recent unexpected addition at the farm). And there was also the family with their unicycles who recently visited and they were really good!

It has not been very good weather but the hardy campers remain cheerful and take the rough with the smooth - last weekend with the thunder and lightening I would have been packing home and going home - but most people to their credit stuck it out. The swallows have now gone and Autumn is nearing, the nights are really drawing in.

I have had a slight mishap with the cooker and set it on fire - so the baking is rather scarce at the moment until I get the cooker repaired - it has been a bad month as I had problems with the washing machine as well!

Don't forget I can cook any meals for parties up to 10 people - Sunday roasts or anything you request as a prior booking.

Kind regards


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