Sunday 3 July 2011

July Diary Haymaking

Dear Guests

July has been a busy month on the farm. The sheep have all been clipped and last week we took advantage of the weather and did some hay timing. We had the hay baled in no time at all and with some willing helpers the bales were all nicely stacked before the wet weather kicked in. It took me back to my time as a youth when the process took considerably longer and we were not as lucky as we are today with all the modern machinery we have available. We finished the evening with a barbecue, there was not a morsel left and everyone appears to have survived the experience!

What a glorious weekend we are having this week - perfect for camping. A number of guests have only realised about our tea room as they are leaving so, just as a reminder, there is a tea room and we do provide breakfasts if required along with tea, cakes and scones. Packed lunches are also available.

Hope to see you soon,

Best regards


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