Thursday 19 April 2012


 Dear Guests
I just had to tell you that the first swallows arrived back on the 7th of april, and this morning when I was walking round the last of the lambing sheep I heard the cuckoo, I think it as come back earlier than last year.The weather is still cold here and lots of showers, some very heavy .The mayflowers are coming out and some woods loook quite blue with the blue bells.Hopefully May will be a lot warmer.


  1. Swallows back on 7th April? They didn’t get back to us until 28th April and we are only ten miles away as the crow / swallow flies and the cuckoo only arrived on 17th May. Being optimistic expecting May to be warmer mind you there is still time. Should be a good year for campers

  2. Hi Abbot Park
    Looking forward to our stay with you - amazing blog and photos!!