Thursday 7 June 2012

Glamping at Abbot Park farm Campsite/tearoom

Dear Guests
May as drifted by and now it is flaming June, but the weather is not good for campers,I hope you have had a good jubilee weekend, and all the happy campers who stayed here got home safely . I have now got planning permision to build a camping barn,Glamping is coming to Abbot Park, it will be 2 seperate barns each having a wet room shower etc,sleeping platform with matresses, woodburner/cooker and bedding and towels provided if required, you wont have to  fetch a thing, Work should be starting on them in the next couple of weeks getting them ready for september, I am really excited about this new project.I hope the plans will give you an idea of what it will be like.   I had a sheep lamb about 2 weeks ago and it had 4 lambs, she as managed to feed them herself until now ,so I am just off to give them their lunch as I have had mine, while writing this.Pardon the english as I cant multi task.
bye for now

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  1. Excellent! That'll help when the wind blows!