Thursday 8 November 2012

up date on camping barn

Dear guests

The weather as turned quite wintry, the hills around at the weekend were covered in snow and when the sun was out  the veiws were stunning. The camping barn as got all the block work done and they are busy putting the slates on, all the stone facing. electrics and plumbing are still to sort.I have put a realistic date on opening the camping barn for March 2013. When somebody visits with a camera I will get them to take some photos then you will see how we are progressing. We have fetched the cows in for winter now, as all the calves have gone. We thought we had lost jeff the sheep dog on sat night it was that frightened of all the banging fire works, he bolted off and we could not find him, but he came back on sunday, so we let him stay in the house now. I am going soft in my old age. Well bettter go and feed the sheep, it is raining again.
bye for now

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