Tuesday 25 December 2012

December Diary

Dear Guests

Here we are celebrating Christmas day - hope you are all having a very very merry Christmas (I am .....!).  My neighbour has popped round for one drink and he is still here - he has just had some tea (he has been really chatty since he arrived and he brought a bottle of gin, so I am not complaining!). 

The camping barns are taking longer than expected but I have to say they are looking lovely - I cannot wait until they are finished.  The awful weather has delayed the builders and prevented them completing to schedule, however I have started shopping for homeware bits and pieces in readiness.

Santa was really kind this year, he brought me my very own tractor so I am totally independent - I can manage to feed the animals without my son's supervision.  It's fab - it's a nice old green John Deere - it's old like me and is not computerised (I could not manage to drive my son's tractor, so this one is much more me).

I have had a really busy day feeding all the animals, I hope they are all going to do OK as it has been so wet for them - hopefully early 2013 will see some dry weather. 

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all very much for your support during 2012 and to wish you all the very best for a happy and healthy New Year.

With best wishes


PS - I have uploaded a few photos taken today.

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