Saturday 26 January 2013

Dear Guests we have had a change of weather snow. we have had a few inches for a week but last night we got more than our share I think around 6" . We are now snowed in and nothing looks very happy in the animal world. The camping barn is coming on. I have been having fun trying to find comfy mattresses for the beds, the floor as been tiled ,the upstairs is finished and painted,we are waiting for the plumber then the wet room can be tiled. The outside stone facing as been started but the rain and last weeks frost makes it hard work but they are getting there. I started writing this at 10.00am and it was lovely and sunny it is now 17.00 and pouring down, the weather is back to normal. I took some photos on my phone today I will try and upload them later. I cant wait for summer long hot sunny days no rain in sight.You can always dream Bye for now carole

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